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Lead the way for tomorrow’s ICT solutions within marine and offshore insurance.

We currently have a vacant position as Head of ICT Development. Read more and apply: http://visindi.no/stilling/head-of-ict-development/

What's in it for you?

Working in the Norwegian Hull Club you are surrounded by wholehearted engagement, inspiration and knowledge that has built up over almost 180 years.

Whilst we are proud of our history, and bring along experience and knowledge, the Club is also embracing innovative and creative thinking and solutions in taking business forward. This creates an environment where good ideas and new ways of thinking are welcomed and nurtured. It also creates a good setting for developing one’s personal skills.

There is no such thing as a typical NHC employee, and we pride ourselves with a culture that improves with the variety of people. Amongst our 135 employees we represent 12 nations, the average age is 44 years, whilst the range spans from 22 to 70 years, 36% of the employees are women and 55% of our employees has a master's degree or higher education. 

Teamwork is essential and teams are put together to fulfil and challenge each other. We believe that we cooperate better across departments, if we know what the team next door is doing. Hence we strengthen our teams and our common understanding by spending weeks together with other departments.

In the centre of everything we do is the promise to our clients that they can "expect more" from us. Today we are insuring close to 10.000 vessels worldwide and we plan to keep our promise to our clients as we continue to expand our business going forward.

Do you want to make that same promise?

4. Jul. 2017